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In the heart of Prague, you can explore a new chapter of Bohemian Crystal heritage.


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Whilst cherishing traditions of the last three hundred years, and honouring the iconic designs of this history, at its new Flagship Store Preciosa presents the brilliance and craftsmanship of its chandeliers for the next generation to experience. Only Preciosa’s unique know-how, based on centuries of heritage, can so elegantly fuse innovation and tradition into new interpretations of Bohemian Crystal excellence that can match both classic and contemporary tastes.

Iconic Bohemian Chandeliers

Bohemian Crystal Chandelier

It goes without saying that an exquisite cut is what makes the perfect crystal chandelier - a work of brilliance with the ability to evoke amazement in all those who find themselves in its presence. Born from the unrivalled craft of its cutting masters, Bohemian Crystal Chandelier is also the result of a carefully cherished heritage and contemporary approach. Just as this piece travells from the hands of the cutting masters in Kamenicky Senov, to bring brilliance and elegance into your homes.

Prachen chandelier

For when the traditional and contemporary approach meet under the spell of crystal brilliance. This distinctive glass chandelier narrates a rich history of the first full glass-arm chandelier to have ever been crafted in Bohemia. Seeing the light of day in Josef Palme’s workshop in 1724, when chandelier makers turned their attention to the beauty of glass, this iconic piece was not only chosen to light up the Castle Schloss of Austrian Prince Eugene of Savoy and King Ferdinand VI’s Royal Palace in Madrid, but its timeless appeal destines it to mark its royal presence in places such as The Museum of Fine Arts in San Francisco or Castle Hluboká and any contemporary home.

Maria Theresa Chandelier

Maria Theresa, an iconic Bohemian crystal arm chandelier prevailing in its current and timeless shape, is a proof to Josef Palme’s genius. Even today, his sophisticated innovation enables this piece to expand horizontally, thus providing more brilliance for all kinds of residences. This chandelier illuminated the majestic coronation of Maria Theresa to Queen of Bohemia in 1743, who is said to have fallen in love only twice in her life. With her husband Francis I and with the mesmerizing chandelier that rightfully bears her name and adorns many locations all over the world - Prague Castle and the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, to name a few.

Brass Cast Chandelier

Named after King Louis XV, this iconic Bohemian metal-arm piece puts on an enchanting display of its crystal glass trimmings - a revolution in chandelier production that dazzled the 18th century high society and was responsible for the future prosperity of Bohemian glass industry. The unique clarity with which the chandeliers from Josef Palme’s workshop illuminated any room could not be achieved anywhere else in the world. The jewel of any room, this chandelier was the centre of all attention, similar to works of art or jewellery beautifying the human body. Having not met its match in transparent quality, the renowned Bohemian crystal glass radiated an atmosphere of luxury, affluence and good taste at exclusive events such as the wedding of King Louis XV’s daughter to King Philip V of Spain at Versailles. Centuries later, it still possesses the same contemporary appeal.

Empire chandelier

Named for the fabled Emperor, this iconic Bohemian basket chandelier emerged as a reaction to a major change of style in the late 18th century. In the light of the new tastes, the Palme company created these pieces that place the geometrical arrangements of the chandelier’s trimmings into the spotlight, while skilfully putting its structural elements into the shadows. And yet, despite the change of styles and demand over the years, the chandelier’s beauty and heritage still continue to inspire amazement and bring a sense of pleasure into any residence or home that falls for its eternal appeal. A quality that finds its ardent admirers in places such as the Royal Opera of Rome or the La Scala Opera House in Milan.

„Understanding the tradition, not just relating to crafts but also to the chandelier’s role in the past, is substantially forming the vision we are bringing towards future.“
Michael Vasku, creative director of Preciosa Lighting